Boosting body shop’s profitability doesn’t always have to involve making investments. You can enhance efficiency and improve your throughput with relatively small innovations as well. A new additive from Glasurit, BASF’s premium refinish brand, is one such innovation. Glasurit 522-55 Air Drying Primer Additive was specially developed as a drying turbo for the 500-family fillers and ensures that Glasurit HS 285-505 Primer Filler grey, -555 black and -655 white are sandable after just 40 minutes at 20°C.

The three primer fillers are used in many body shops worldwide because as sanding fillers, they offer the ideal foundation for high-quality refinishing. The additive can considerably enhance the efficiency of these primer fillers.

Glasurit 522-55 Air Drying Primer Additive offers a whole range of benefits for body shops. They save energy costs, can design their processes even more flexibly, use the space that is freed up in the spray booth and the oven for additional repair jobs and, in so doing, boost their productivity. The process is also very good for refinishing plastic parts, since with air drying, the parts are guaranteed to retain their shape.

As with all Glasurit products, application of Glasurit 522-55 Air Drying Primer Additive is also easy and safe. Since the additive replaces the thinner, spray painters can use it as part of the usual mixing formula. And the fillers can also be sanded extremely well after air drying, giving spray painters a good foundation for achieving perfect refinishing results easily, quickly and safely.

Body shops can save even more time and material by using the additive and the 500-family fillers in combination with Glasurit 360-100 PRO Active Wipes. In this case, pre-treatment with the wipes provides comprehensive corrosion protection, which thus eliminates the need for primer and additional materials.