BMW April 2022

Industry leading body shop equipment manufacturer Aer-o-cure have been busy adding to the company’s portfolio of products with a range UV-C sanitising solutions, says Alex Lenaerts  

Alex says the application of UV-C technology fitted well within the current production capability. The initial two products are UV-C Mini, designed for surface sanitation of devices and UV-C Tower which utilises the UV-C Mini into an automated staff screening process with integrated access control.  

The UV-C Tower caters for high volume screening in corporate and industrial access control applications.  

Both items are capable to deliver a high dose of UV-C, successfully sanitising the articles within 30sec to a min of 99.99%  

UV-C Towers, can detect the face, record temperature and allow the user to sanitise hand-held items such as mobile phones, keys, PPE masks and more, using effective UV-C ultraviolet technology.   

Aer-o-cure has been able to establish various distributors and resellers of the products and are looking to expand its development, prototyping and production capabilities thus strongly supporting local manufacturing.  

While the requirement for state-of-the-art turnkey body shops still exist, the frequency is most certainly on the decline due to repair volume decline. It is clear the types of repairs is changing.  

This said, the unique HBC System range of smart repair equipment has seen a major sales expansion in popular dent lifters, Pro G5 windscreen crack repairs systems and various plastic welding B6 repair packages.  They are all well geared up after years of demonstration expertise to supply in-house training. 

Aer-o-cure  are the Southern Africa and sub-Sahara regional supplier of the HBC System packages. These areas include countries such Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Mozambique, and Uganda to name a few.  Alex says they have been very busy supplying their Aer-o-cure end users with spray booth servicing, maintenance and filter changes, which is often seen to be an area overlooked and neglected by owner operators.   

With a raft of locally manufactured prep stations, spray booths and compressor air supply  air systems in the local market, Aer-o-cure have worked  to uplift this area of their operation. Originally designed to manufacture up to 15 spray booths a month, the factory based in Wynberg, now has been heavily involved in bringing up levels of finished products to become globally competitive with features on energy saving and process control packages which are all manufactured here in South Africa. 

So right from a humble bonnet stand to the pioneered production flow body shop management design, Aer-o-cure are in many ways in a class of their own.  

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