Trying to assist upwards of 400 body shop clients right from Pongola to the Eastern Cape and Bloemfontein is a big ask, but Dennis Dempsey is now in his 22nd year of doing just that for Aerocure.

Dennis claims that a great part of his ongoing success has been accredited to the fact that he services the spraybooths and Car-O-Liner equipment and welders right in front of the customer which often totally eliminates any costly downtime.

There are never ending technology advances in the Aerocure range. One such product is a new, power saving, soft touch, electrified motor that’s available to reduce energy costs on the overall running of a spraybooth.

“The business,” says Dennis, “remains good as up to 20 shops per year come up for a new turnkey operation in the coastal regions.” He goes on to say that his life is not made any easier in modern times by some heavy overtrading with new spraybooths being sold on strange terms by some competitors. “Thankfully,” he says, “in the long term our customers realise the value in what we sell and our commitment to strong back-up in the field.”

We caught up with Dennis at one of his loyal customers at Supastraight Panel and Paint in Windsor Road, Pietermartizburg. Shannon Naidoo was full of praise for Dempsey’s long term help and commitment aswell as advice on collision repair trends.

Starting up on returning from Australia in 2004, Shannon says the company have made solid gains in both workflow quality and speed of production using the body shop production routing package designed by Dennis. Their premier quality body shop now employs over 35 full time employees. It remains a large family run company with Shannon and his wife Sharron at the helm of the ongoing success.

It’s clearly evident that Dennis is good at what he does and he enjoys a good reputation in the industry for his knowledge, work ethic and friendliness. Take a look at for more details on their range, along with contact details.