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You pride yourself on driving carefully, and you’ve perfected the defensive driving skills needed on South Africa’s roads. However, that can’t always be said for the other drivers you encounter, and that means that accidents can still happen.

Whether it’s a low-speed impact in a car park, or a collision at a junction or robot, it’s often the same parts that are damaged and require replacement. We’ve compiled a list of the parts that are most likely to bear the brunt of any impact – headlights, kidney grilles, trim panel and fog lights, among others.

Being involved in an accident can be upsetting and frustrating – especially when it wasn’t your fault. However, with our special offer on these accident replacement parts, you can save up to 35% until 31 December 2021

We can’t rewrite the story of the accident, but we can restore your BMW to exactly how it was beforehand. And because we only use BMW Original Parts, we can help to maintain your car’s integrity and enduring value.

Don’t let an accident change how you feel about your BMW. Through a combination of skilled workmanship and BMW Original Parts – many at up to 35% off – we can make it look as good as new. That mean you can put the bump behind you, and get back to enjoying life as a BMW owner.

Rather than drive around in a damaged car, this offer lets you bring in your BMW as soon as possible after any incident.

Accidents are always shocking, but this special offer on accident replacement parts could make the overall cost of restoring the status quo more of a pleasant surprise. Our qualified technicians will carry out a thorough assessment of the costs involved and present you with a no-obligation quote for the repairs. This will take into account the available price reductions on accident replacement parts, so that you can instantly see how much you’ll save.

We’re committed to increasing your safety on every drive, and prioritising your wellbeing informs everything we do, from design to scheduled services. As well as restoring the aesthetics of your BMW, we’ll make sure that all the key safety features work as they should.

With 35% off selected accident replacement parts, there’s no reason for a collision while driving to become a credit crunch when you bring your BMW in to one of our service centres.

Offer valid until 31 December 2021. Subject to availability. T&Cs apply. Applicable to Emodels only.


For more information, please contact your BMW Parts Manager.