Why do the most successful people attend industry events and how can networking help you achieve your own personal success.

Make new contacts

Networking is about building connections. Doubtlessly you’ve heard the truism “it’s not what you know but who you know.” First uttered in 1914, it’s every bit as true today, more than a 100 years later, as it was back then.

Events allow you to meet influential people in the industry you’d otherwise struggle to connect with. The power this has to pen exciting new opportunities for you cannot be overstated.

One of the most powerful advantages of having a large network is you’ll have just the right people to call upon when facing a challenge, you’re unable to resolve on your own. Once you’ve attended an industry event, take a step back and look at the size of the network you’re now connected to; we guarantee the sheer depth of knowledge and experience available for you to call upon will be breath-taking.

Advance your career

Academic studies show that workers with a large network are more likely to be successful; they achieve more promotions and earn more money.

Why? Because networking will open unexpected avenues for you to advance your career. Sometimes it’s as simple as being approached by an employer who wants to recruit someone with your skillset. But opportunities can often be more subtle.

For example, having a large network means you’re more likely to hear about job openings. Sometimes you might even find amongst your new connections the chance to start your own business or enter into a new partnership. Even just meeting the important people in the industry will drastically change your career path in unexpected but exciting ways.

Exchanging ideas

Meeting others in the industry is a great way to discover fresh new ideas, get a different perspective on a problem you’re facing, find solutions, discover the best practises employed by other body shops, and learn new ideas to help you work more efficiently and earn more money

And it’s about giving ideas as much as receiving them. This is a chance for you to express your opinions and share your experience and knowledge. In the end, is there anything more satisfying than knowing you’ve helped others?

Raise your profile in the industry

If you impress your peers with your breadth of knowledge and hardworking personality (and doubtlessly you will), you’ll build a solid reputation within the industry. This means you don’t need to go looking for opportunities, they’ll come to you. There are also concrete benefits to being that person in your company with a reputation for knowing everyone in the industry.

Make new friends

There’s something magical about everyone from the body shop business getting together in one building It’s a chance to complain about shared problems, discuss the latest industry developments, and just connect on a human level. After all, you’ve got something in common.

So many people tell us they make friends for life at an event. And that’s crucial – the event isn’t just for you to be productive (although that’s important) but to celebrate and have fun too.

But whether you’re networking or elsewhere, have no doubt in your mind that it’s a valuable use of your time. Of course, there are better and worse ways in which to network. Certain tips, tricks and strategies will help you get the most out of any networking event you attend.