BMW April 2022

The 3D High definition car care system was recently introduced to the South African market by sole importers Safomar Industries (SIB). Jeremy Hoffman, director of sales and marketing at SIB and his team introduced this new polish system on a road show across the country.

Don Williams, international sales and marketing manager for 3D, was on hand in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban to demonstrate this easy two step process of high quality product that saves time and money for your business while delivering an amazing finish.

The compound and polish products are waterbased and there is no silicone added, so there is no need to tape off plastic or rubber as it won’t stain. The tops of the bottles are colour coded white and black, so you know to use the wool with the white lid and the patented spider cut foam black pad for the second step. These pads are extremely durable and last for approximately 50 cars because of their design. Very little product is needed and there is no fling, leaving everything clean with a high gloss finish to boot.

Speed is 3D’s two-in-one product, but is more suited for detailing and not the body shop. This features a purple cap and even smells like grapes – just for something different. They are also the fastest growing professional polishing range in the USA.

3D are dedicated to manufacturing superior, innovative car care products that provide competitive pricing while educating the consumer. They continually strive for operational excellence and performance. They manufacture all of their chemicals in their 4 200 square metre facility, located in Southern California, with some of the highest quality, environmentally responsible and green products available. 3D have distributors in over 39 countries around the world.

Tunch Goren, the owner and chemist of 3D International started 3D Professional Detailing, Car Care Products in 1996. He began with soaps and degreasers and then developed a full line of detailing products. This line was developed for the competitive Car Wash and Auto Dealer industry.

Their research developed efficient compounds and polishes for the HD line which set them on the path to the creation of Adaptive Abrasive Technology. The AAT Body Shop line includes the very best body shop safe chemicals designed to eliminate the headache body shops face in their detailing department. The AAT Body Shop line features our new AAT Cutting Compound and Finishing Polish.

3D’s Adaptive Abrasive Technology – AAT, is completely different from every other compound and polish on the market. AAT is a combination of unique abrasives and natural chemical enhancers. AAT adapts to any paint, any pad, any machine and any surface. This technology extends what is possible in both the cutting and finishing process. The exceptional chemical enhancers, they use in AAT allow the abrasive package to cut better and quicker, but also finish cleaner and finer. It’s as if AAT creates a multi-dimensional symmetry of sorts by pushing the boundaries of what a compound and polish can achieve.

3D AAT Paint Correction System is specifically created to target the collision repair industry. The body shop platform is primarily focused on fresh refinished paint which is the most difficult part to creating a product that works flawlessly. This is due to the many variables that can occur such as differences in paint systems, forced or air cured, even environmental and geographical factors must be considered.

AAT has been designed to work exceptionally well with all the variables these fresh finishes present, ultimately saving the end user time while producing a superior finish. The abrasives have been developed to work extremely well on very hard clears and the almost “jelly bean” like soft finishes. AAT takes the capabilities of the abrasives further. Their unique chemical additive’s work in unison with the abrasives to accelerate the cutting and finishing duties.

This chemical-mechanical system has been created to produce exceptional cut with the least amount of surface hazing and dust. Another unique characteristic of AAT is its ability to hold the abrasives, lubricants and chemicals together in a slurry like, even, consistency. This ultimately produces a cleaner cutting action and helps displace abraded material mitigating dust build up.

In almost any industry, “time is money.” This is especially true in the detailing, body shop industry. 3D’s is to create high performing products that save their customers steps and saves them time. By doing this they help them become more profitable.

Contact SIB on +27 (0)10 593 8920 for a demonstration or check out their website Global Automotive Coatings have already taken stock of the product in Johannesburg. You can call them on         +27 (0)11 422 2010 to place an order.