Spies Hecker

Hyundai announced a 2020 Sonata Hybrid which may well be sporting a solar roof when it rolls into your shop. The solar roof, which comes standard on a least one trim, permits an extra two miles per day of mileage and keeps the infotainment of HVAC system from discharging while the car is off. 

It’s one of a few body areas on the hybrid carrying functionality beyond what repairers, insurers and consumers might traditionally expect on such parts. Hyundai also said the 2020 Sonata’s exclusive front-end styling includes a “cross-hole grille with active air flaps,” devices which automatically close themselves to reduce drag. The vehicle rides on aerodynamic wheels. 

The OEM also boosted aerodynamics with a redesigned spoiler and the addition of deflectors on both sets of wheels, a bumper lip, and engine bay, centre floor and rear undercovers. It said the Sonata hybrid moves through the air with a 0.24 coefficient of drag. 

Shops will need to take care to return a Sonata hybrid that delivers the same noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) protection. Hyundai said it used “double-junction soundproof glass” for the windshield and the front door windows. (The latter might not be the case on every trims – it’s a little unclear from a Hyundai feature sheet.) 

Hyundai also quieted the sedan with D3 sound absorption materials on the door and luggage side trim, wheel guard, package tray and trunk board bottom. It also reinforced all wheel members. 

Finally, the hybrid features the same fancy external door handles found on the petrol-powered Sonata. “To lock the door, the driver need only touch the sensor on the outside of the door handle,” Hyundai wrote. “Pulling on the handle activates a larger sensor on the inside of the handle to open the vehicle.”  

In terms of ADAS, there’s a lot of it. Like the regular 2020 Sonata, the hybrid variant has three radar sensors, five cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors and offers SmartSense ADAS functions like autobraking as standard. However, the Sonata hybrid also receives blind spot and rear cross traffic prevention standard across all trims.