BMW April 2022

If you are shopping for an affordable vehicle in the daily deliveries department, then the Changan Star Lux one-tonner may well be for you. When looking for a competent workhorse, reliability and durability are always going to be massive considerations but overall it’s the price that may well finally drive that buying decision home.  Here is where the new Star Lux 1.3 Changan has big appeal at just R151 880.  


Now you need to understand that for that price the Star Lux is a bare essential “workhorse” which has the capabilities of a one-ton payload. Believe me when I say bare essentials is what you will get from your Star Lux, so, as the old adage suggests: ‘you get what you pay for’, does kick in – but at the end of the day maybe this is exactly what the Changan Star does reasonably well. 


Drive from the little loader’s lively 1.3 litres, normally aspirated, the petrol engine is transferred to the wheels via a five-speed gearbox and yields around 6.5-7 litres per 100 km.  

Inside the cabin, you will find a well laid out dash with extras such as electric windows, air-conditioning and a radio, which is possibly all you need to go about your daily delivery duties. Legroom is a little short if you are taller than average, but it does have comfortable seats. 


Driving the Changan also does what it needs to very well. The loading bay of the Changan is surprisingly big for how dinky the car seems; there is more than enough room to load merchandise with the sides of the loading bin folding for easier accessibility. 

We unfortunately never got to load the bin for this specific test drive, as the load of puppies we had planned for the photoshoot fell through. Everyone loves a truckload of cute puppies, hey? But presumably having been tried and tested in the vast Chinese marketplace the Star Lux will do what is asked of it at a fraction of the cost of other comparable vehicles in the South African scene.   

By Jay Groat 

Auto Ref Star Lux Changan