This all-new body shop is part of an expansion of the Tekton Group in the Western Cape. Company owner Malcolm Moothal has spared no expense in the build-up and equipment in the new operation.

Cape Paint and Panel, who is part of the Maroun’s Group, completed the concept and civil workings with a routing design from Heinz Brügger in record time. The shop is all about express workflow and was up and running within three months from inception.

The working and panelbeating area features all the latest equipment which includes high rise scissor lifts for quotational purposes. A fully equipped Spanesi Jig Bench, which is then coupled to the accurate Spanesi Touch Electronic Measuring System.

In the new preparation areas, of which there are four, a large Hamach extractor has been installed to remove all primer and filler dust. It is a self cleaning vacuum area for low maintenance in everyday use. The system also features no-trailing arms or pipes within the work space.

Two latest waterborne SAIMA downdraft spray booths with a central colour mixing room were chosen for the shop and they come complete with correct colour matching daylight fluorescent tube lighting which makes colour matching a breeze. Standohyd waterborne is the coatings system of choice at Tekton.