Standox October

In the height of the ever-changing virtual world and the demand for new solutions in the coatings industry, KAPCI has shifted up a gear in proffering new innovations and products that meet the demand whilst retaining unmatched quality. It is for these reasons that KAPCI continues to add value to all its stakeholders mainly the customers who have invariably supported the company to become one of the beacons of solutions provision in the Industry. KAPCI Coatings exhibited in this year’s Autopromotec Bologna with a clear objective of presenting new products and the latest innovations offered by the company.  

Representing KAPCI was the commercial director Amr El Sayed, Khaled Sorour the export manager and Basem Fathy the regional sales manager. KAPCI’s consistent attention towards its clients, enabled the KAPCI team the opportunity to successfully enter into new agreements at the show. This also presented them with the opportunity to take note of strategic views and concerns faced by clients in the market. This will effectively allow the management at KAPCI to strategically position itself and through R & D to provide a platform for creativity and innovation to flourish within the organisation.  

Featured products 

KAPCI continues to improve its flagship water-based coating system Dima. Besides its environmental benefits, KAPCI Dima 9670 only requires 30% of KAPCI Reducer in mixing which makes it cost effective and easy on application. KAPCI continues to add new colour formulas and offers extensive basecoat colour matching including metallics, pearls, solid colour basecoat and special effects finishes. 

KAPCI 6030 is a revolutionary high solids VOC compliant 2K Acrylic Clearcoat. It is scratch resistant and high gloss properties befit it as the best product for a perfect finish. KAPCI 6030 can be applied over all KAPCI basecoats that include Dima 9670, KAPCI 670 and KAPCI 640 and is suitable for all types of repairs and delivers a durable finish.  

KAPCI 626 is a fast drying 2K HS Acrylic Filler and is low VOC compliant designed for environmentally friendly purposes. Integration of a substrate and the basecoat or topcoat requires a high performing Filler. 626 Filler answers to that calling and has unique properties that allow it to be used as a non-sanding wet-on-wet filler. All KAPCI Fillers have exceptional properties that include easy application, very good levelling and sanding. They present themselves as very efficient bonding agents for basecoats and topcoats and have been developed to break boundaries in their adhesion properties.  

They can be applied over KAPCI PE Putties, KAPCI Primers as well as over original factory primers. The fillers protect against corrosion, adhere well and provide a smooth substrate to guarantee an even coating. Understanding the different types of KAPCI fillers available and when and where to use each, will ensure your paint job is built on a solid foundation.