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Kanye Vimba launched CRT equipment for small area repair at the Automechanika SA show recently. The CRT Panel Repair Systems from the Radical Group in the UK are most suited for the professional collision repair centre, where repair over replace has become paramount and plays a key role in increasing productivity and profit margins.

The CRT Panel Repair Systems have been specifically designed to assist with the more extreme panel repairs being carried out on today’s passenger vehicles, vans and bakkies.

The more conventional systems make repairs to sills more difficult, as they can only pull at right angles. With the CRT Panel Repair Systems, this problem is eradicated, as it is the only round pulling bar system on the market, allowing pulling the damaged panel in the same direction before the accident occurred.

Panel Repair Systems are available for steel car body repair as well as aluminium body repair.


–  No waiting for new panels to be ordered or arrive

–  Improves Key to Key cycles

– Set up time approximately six minutes

–  Reduces the need for lengthy courtesy car hire

–  Retains original vehicle manufacture integrity, by reducing the removal of and welding damaged parts

– Labour saving in MET fitting and stripping

–  Increased profitability in panel hours.

There are various CRT Panel Repair Systems – the CRTDS1V3, CRTDS2V3, CRTDS2AL8, MAXI ONE, MAXI TWO and MAXI ALUMINIUM. A panel repair system to suit body shop needs.

Also on display was the new CRT Smart Slide Hammer kit which uses the best stainless steel for durability. Each kit comes with Acetal composite heads which causes less damage to panels, over the steel heads of panel hammers. The Slide Hammer Shaft is spring loaded to prevent bounce back and it’s easy-to-use design makes light work of those hard to reach places. The kit can be purchased on its own, or as an optional extra accessory to the CRT Panel Repair Systems. It also comes with aluminium heads for aluminium panel repair.


Kovax is a leading manufacturer of Japanese Coated Abrasives and has been in business since 1930. They are a well organised facility with stringent quality control. They have advanced technical knowledge that ensures top quality and innovation in their abrasive products.

Now Kanye Vimba have added this quality abrasive to their stable to add more value to the body shops that they supply.

“The Kovax range is one of excellence when it comes to abrasives,” said Llewelyn Mulder, from Kanye Vimba. “We have had a brilliant response to this product when we piloted it extensively before introducing the range to the South African market. There are already over 30 very happy collision repairers using the Kovax brand now, and we look forward to introducing it to many more.”

Call Kanye Vimba for more on these and other products in their range on +27 (0)11 396 1161 or visit www.kanyevimba.co.za