IBIS Africa

Charl Bubb was recently on hand at the Anest Iwata stand at Automechanika creating some magnificent designs for showgoers to see. He started Airvolution Studios 19 years ago after the completion of his graphic design studies at the Design School Southern Africa. He was introduced to airbrushing as a part of the design course and it has become his preferred medium for his work. His first commission was for custom airbrushed paintings on Harley-Davidson bikes for a bike workshop – Pauls American Twins – and it just mushroomed from there.

The airbrush is a small, highly precise spray gun for applying paint onto surfaces to create smooth blending effects of two or more colours in a seamless way. Airbrushed images have a floating quality, with softly defined edges between colours, and between foreground and background colours. A well skilled airbrush artist can produce very realistic work using this medium. Painting at this skill level involves supplementary tools, such as masks and friskets, and very careful planning.

This is where Iwata-Medea have become famous as their passion to create the best products for artists to use in this area are simply world class. Truly, this is an artform and one that creates mobile works of art in the automotive industry. Iwata offer a full range of airbrushes from the Neo Series as a starting point right through to the Hi-Line Series for high controlled precision work.

A full breakdown of accessories is also available from compressors, cleaning kits, masks, hoses, airbrush stands and so much more. A complete one-stop-shop for quality airbrushing needs.

Call Anest Iwata on +27 (0)11 463 2169 for more information on the Iwata-Medea range to enhance any airbrushing requirements, or visit www.anest-iwata.co.za