IBIS Africa

EMM expands the demand for products in the market and optimises their logistic processes further. The new location covers an area of over 15 000 m2 and supplies office space, a modern logistics centre, test and practice rooms and a knowledge and experience centre. The new headquarters has been awarded an extremely durable A+++ energy label. With a new warehouse management system and five loading docks, EMM is ready to further improve the quality of deliveries to their clients in over 120 countries. From now on, you can find them at: Bohemenstraat 19, 8028 SB, Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Official opening

The building was finished within seven months. Construction started in February 2017, reached its peak on 31 March and the building was ready at the end of August 2017. During September, EMM started moving its warehouse with more than 100 truck transports. All deliveries to their clients started on 25 September from the new warehouse. The full move including the office was finished on October 2, 2017.

An official opening of the office for clients and suppliers is planned in the near future.


Under the influence of social, cultural, conjunctural and technical developments, the demands of their customers have changed. This requires innovative products and solutions from the Colad, Hamach and Ronin Tools brands. The new EMM headquarters are able to realise their worldwide ambitions to expand. It offers EMM the possibility to develop as a creative centre and to realise innovative new applications within the paint industry. Over the last five years, EMM has positioned itself as an innovative partner and worked closely with dealers and end-users, which have resulted in over 40 new and innovative product introductions.

The new headquarters houses new spaces such as test labs and practice rooms to invent new solutions. End-users and dealers from all over the world will benefit from this and will be able to work even closer with EMM in developing, testing and producing these new innovations. According to EMM International management, the goal is to provide paint specialists with the possibility to carry out their work in a better, safer, more efficient, enjoyable and innovative way. Everything for progress. Just add paint!