Standox October

Bright red cars with a candy effect finish can now be easily repaired to the highest standard. This particular red colour is very difficult to fix. It’s been said that refinishers would rather see cars with a candy effect finish drive straight past their body shop Now, thanks to the innovation of their colour mixing laboratory, DeBeer Refinish has made it possible for every car refinisher to easily repair this challenging car colour category to the highest standard. 

Using a simple three-layer system, paint technicians can achieve the finest results: a deep, metallic bright red colour that is unmottled and completely matches the car’s original colour. 

DeBeer’s Metallic Bright Red toner is the first step in a simple three-part process for refinishing tricky OEM red candy colours. 

The difference and impact are clearly visible from the first coat the OEM basecoat formula featuring Metallic Bright Red. “By design, colour match is almost spot-on from the first coat of basecoat colour,” says Paul Goedhart. “We’ve eliminated a step by combining the first two layers in the candy repair,” he says, referring to what would traditionally include a grey undercoat followed by a red basecoat. 

The second step is a translucent layer a lightly tinted intermediate coat for depth and vibrancy followed by the third and final layer: a 100 percent translucent clearcoat for brilliance and lasting protection. 

“More and more, OEMs are looking for the trendy colours that are increasing in demand, such as Ford’s Ruby Red Metallic and Chrysler’s Inferno Red Metallic. Ironically these are the colours that are the hardest to repair from a colour match, blending and hiding standpoint.” 

This method is so ground-breaking that worldwide patents have been requested both for the film build used to achieve the candy colour effect and for the repair method used to apply this film build. 

DeBeer Refinish Metallic Bright Red can be applied to a range of bright red metallic cars including cars manufactured by Renault, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, Opel, Ford and Peugeot. It is available in 1 litre (WaterBase Series 900+) and 3.5 litre (BeroBase Series 500) containers. 

The beauty of the DeBeer red toner technology is spot-on colour match for a difficult hue and the fact that it’s a user-friendly simplified process – a huge time and money-saver for refinishers. There’s also zero cloudiness or mottling which is an industry first for candy red. A refinisher’s dream.